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Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania was started to support the continued operation of Three Mile Island and maintain the numerous benefits it provided to our community. Although Three Mile Island shut down, we are not giving up the fight. We are working to keep Pennsylvania's four other nuclear power plants open and protect the 15,000 jobs these plants represent.

How Pennsylvania's Nuclear Energy Benefits Our Commonwealth

Nuclear energy generates over 40% of Pennsylvania’s energy

Pennsylvania's four plants contribute $2 billion annually to the state's economy

Nuclear energy supports 15,000 in-state full-time jobs

93% of Pennsylvania's clean energy comes from nuclear energy

Pennsylvania's nuclear plants avoid 37 million tons of carbon emissions annually - the equivalent to 8 million more cars on the road

Pennsylvania's nuclear plants avoid emissions of SO2, NOx, and particulate matter, saving the state $260 million in compliance costs annually

A Clean Energy Future

Nuclear energy currently provides about 20% of the U.S.'s energy and almost 60% of its clean energy. As we work toward reducing our carbon footprint, it is critical that lawmakers fairly value the environmental benefits of nuclear energy. Throughout the U.S. states continue to take steps to protect nuclear plants:

  • In 2017, Connecticut legislators and Governor Malloy enacted legislation to support Connecticut's nuclear generation.
  • In 2018, New Jersey legislators widely passed bipartisan legislation, signed by Governor Murphy, to enact a Zero Emission Certificate (ZEC) program. They also passed sister legislation that expanded the state's Renewable Portfolio Standard to 50% by 2030, added a community solar component, imposed an energy efficiency standard, and required a study on how to expand energy storage.
  • In 2016, Illinois legislators passed and Governor Rauner signed into law the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), an energy bill that compensates nuclear plants at risk of premature closure retirement for environmental benefits through a 10-year Zero Emissions Certificate (ZEC).
  • In 2016, New York implemented the Clean Energy Standard (CES): a 12-year plan that values the environmental, reliability, and economic contributions of nuclear energy and helps ensure the continued operation of new York's three nuclear plants.

Powering Our Economy

Nuclear energy powers more than just our homes. Our plants support thousands of good-paying jobs and benefit the economy across the state of Pennsylvania. In fact, nuclear energy accounts for more than 15,000 full-time Pennsylvania jobs. The state's four plants contribute nearly $2 billion every year to the state economy and $400 million in tax revenue – funding schools, community services, and state agencies.

From the Tattered Flag Brewery to Roberto's Pizza in Middletown, our small businesses rely on people working in nuclear. If nuclear plants in Pennsylvania close prematurely, not only will thousands of our friends and neighbors lose their jobs, but it will hurt the overall local and state economy.

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Without policies that fairly value nuclear energy, Pennsylvania's other nuclear plants will be forced to close prematurely – just like Three Mile Island. We need to preserve nuclear power in Pennsylvania and stand up for the good-paying jobs, and the carbon-free, reliable energy that our nuclear plants provide the Commonwealth.

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