Take Action for Cleaner Air

Pennsylvanians are breathing dirty air.

Our Commonwealth is the 4th largest producer of carbon dioxide emissions in the nation, and the American Lung Association even gave some of our counties an F grade for air quality.

Air pollution is linked to serious health issues including asthma, emphysema, and lung disease. Because air pollution contributes to climate change, it’s not just impacting our health, it’s impacting future generations of Pennsylvanians, too.

We need to clean up the air in Pennsylvania, and our clean energy resources can help make it happen.

Utilizing all of the Commonwealth’s clean energy resources will not only improve our air quality and help mitigate climate change, it will also make our economy more competitive. For many states in our region, making the switch to clean energy sources strengthened their economies and boosted GDP. If Pennsylvania wants to compete, we need to ditch fossil fuels in favor of clean energy.

It’s time for Pennsylvania to stop relying on dirty fossil fuels and expand access to clean energy – our health, planet, and economy all depend on it. It’s time for Pennsylvania to join RGGI.

Add your name to tell our leaders in Harrisburg that we need cleaner air in Pennsylvania.