Rebuilding From The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating impact on Pennsylvania’s economy. As we work to recover, we must look for ways to rebuild stronger and our clean energy sources – wind, nuclear, and solar power – all play a critical role in making that happen.

Clean energy can help boost our economy and get Pennsylvanians back to work, without polluting the air in the process. We have the opportunity to move Pennsylvania forward and help the Commonwealth compete with neighboring states that have already reduced emissions and made clean energy a priority. One way to do this is supporting Pennsylvania joining The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI.



RGGI is a market-based program aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting clean energy. Over the past decade, RGGI has helped participating states slash carbon emissions in half, create thousands of clean energy jobs, and boost their economies so much that they outperform the rest of the country by 30%.

Joining RGGI can help Pennsylvania rebuild stronger and rebuild clean.





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