Save Clean Energy Jobs in Pennsylvania

Cleaning up the air is critical in Pennsylvania, where we have serious health and environmental concerns. The American Lung Association ranks our commonwealth as having some of the worst in air quality in the country, which causes thousands of deaths per year.

At the same time, Pennsylvania’s current policies and tax cuts for fossil fuels favor dirty energy production over clean energy sources like wind, solar and nuclear. This stifles new clean energy projects and threatens to prematurely shut down emissions-free nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power plants provide 35% of Pennsylvania’s electricity and 15,000 clean energy jobs. When a plant shuts down, the electricity it provides is historically replaced by fossil fuels. Without policies that fairly value clean energy, more of Pennsylvania’s nuclear power plants will be forced to close prematurely.

Help preserve thousands of good-paying clean energy jobs in Pennsylvania Add your name to our petition to urge Pennsylvania state lawmakers to fairly value clean energy’s environmental, public health, and economic benefits.

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