Investing in Our Clean Energy Future

Pennsylvania is considering joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a market-based program designed to reduce carbon emissions 

Right now, Pennsylvania is the fourth-largest producer of carbon emissions in the nation. The Commonwealth has fallen behind neighboring states like Maryland, Delaware, and New York on reducing air pollution. Joining RGGI could help keep Pennsylvania from lagging even further behind. 

Over the last decade, states participating in RGGI have cut carbon emissions in half. But they have seen many other benefits, too: 

Benefits of RGGI


At a time when our state budget is facing billions in lossesthe proceeds from participating in RGGI can be invested back into energy efficiency and clean energy projects in the Commonwealth, helping consumers and securing our clean energy future.  

63of Pennsylvanians believe that elected officials should support policies that encourage the use of clean energy sources like wind, nuclear, and solar power. Joining RGGI is a market-friendly way to make that happen. 

The bottom line: joining RGGI is a smart choice for Pennsylvania. 




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