Wolf Budget Plan Properly Prioritizes PA Workers & Communities in RGGI Implementation

February 4, 2021

Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania today applauded Governor Tom Wolf for prioritizing Pennsylvania’s workers and communities in detailing how funds for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) should be used. Gov. Wolf this week presented his 2021-22 Budget proposal to the PA General Assembly.

Gov. Wolf understands that RGGI is not just about improving the health of Pennsylvanians as well as our environment and stimulating economic growth, it also provides an unparalleled opportunity to direct funds specifically to workers and communities experiencing impacts from the move to cleaner sources of electric generation as well as ongoing effects of this dangerous pollution. By calling on a portion of RGGI proceeds to be deposited into a newly created Energy Communities Trust Fund to provide direct support to these workers and communities, Gov. Wolf has unlocked what has always been one of RGGI’s greatest potential benefits – to help Pennsylvanians who have contributed to Pennsylvania’s energy economy continue to do so. We are hopeful lawmakers will embrace this historic opportunity and work in collaboration with the Administration to implement these proposals.