Clean Jobs for PA Urges Challenge to RGGI Court Ruling


Nov. 3, 2023

Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania, a coalition of Pennsylvanians who stand for the creation, growth, and preservation of clean-energy jobs in the Commonwealth, today issued the following statement in light of this week's court ruling on Pennsylvania's entry into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI:

The members of Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania are tremendously disappointed by this week's court ruling. As a result, Pennsylvania will remain behind the curve in addressing air pollution and spurring the jobs and economic benefits associated with the Commonwealth's transition to cleaner energy.

RGGI is our best opportunity to protect the environment and create jobs while limiting costs to consumers.

We are hopeful this ruling will be challenged and that a more sensible decision will be made that places a premium on clean air and clean energy jobs of the future

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Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania
Steve Aaron
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