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Last year, Pennsylvania began the process to join a 10-state regional agreement aimed at reducing carbon emissions called the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI. With RGGI, polluting fossil fuel plants pay for the social and health costs of emissions they release into the air we breathe. Pennsylvania can then use the money from polluters to decide how it wants to invest in energy efficiency and clean job creation programs.

Neighboring states that have already benefitted from lower electricity prices AND cleaner air. This has given an advantage to New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and across the region who are moving forward on clean energy.

Here’s how 10 RGGI states are already benefiting from the program*:

  • Lower electricity prices
  • Thousands of new clean energy jobs
  • Improved air quality and public health
  • Carbon emissions cut in half
  • Economies that outperform the rest of the country by 30%

RGGI is not new, and nearly a decade of research proves that joining RGGI would be good for our state’s environment and economy. But some state leaders continue to pass the buck, keeping Pennsylvania behind. Sign our petition and help change their minds today.