Statement from "Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania" Coalition on RGGI Votes

May 20, 2021

In just the last 24 hours, three different state panels -- the Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee, the Small Business Compliance Advisory Committee, and the Citizens Advisory Council -- voted in support of Pennsylvania joining RGGI. These three panels all had previously declined to do so for the draft rulemaking. All three have now changed their votes. It comes on the heels of overwhelming support from voters themselves -- Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike. All of them clearly understand the positive benefits of Pennsylvania’s participation in RGGI. At this point, any effort to stop this progress is an affront to Pennsylvanians.

We see time and time again the more Pennsylvanians learn about RGGI, how it works and the benefits, the more they support the program. In addition to creating jobs, jumpstarting the economy and protecting public health, the program can be used to set aside specific funds for displaced fossil-fuel workers as we transition to clean energy jobs of the future. The momentum is palpable, and the future looks brighter for Pennsylvania as a result.